You create value. We create clarity.

Market-driven positioning and design to help B2B technology and manufacturing companies clearly communicate their value.

“They moved us powerfully from talking about our features to selling our value.”

Paul Simms

CEO, Nuqleous

"Coefficient was critical in our ability to sell our business for a significantly higher valuation than we imagined possible."

Jim Falkanger

Former CEO, EleVia Software

"We've always had a complex value proposition. Coefficient refined our thinking to more simply convey the real value we bring."

Michael Anderson

CEO, Etail Solutions

"I loved that they got direct feedback from our customers and worked with our team to create a truly authentic value and voice for our company."

Brian Scott

CEO, Rochford

"Coefficient challenged us to rethink the value we bring in a fresh way. We took a quantum leap in the right direction."

Riley Harlan

CEO, Symtec

Their expertise is nothing short of groundbreaking. They have an uncanny knack for demystifying marketing, combining rigorous strategy and flawless execution in a way that delivers tangible results.

Heide Olson

CEO - Veracity Pros

"They're very responsive, great to work with, and experts at taking the mystery of marketing, merging bold strategic vision with superb execution."

Becky Lewis

COO – Accountinuity

Every company reaches a moment when greater clarity is needed.

Product or Company Launch

Whenever you’re launching a new product, brand, or working through a rebrand, you’ve got a lot to get clear about: from determining the vision for your company, to nailing your brand voice, to refining your brand promise.

We’ll work with you to develop and design a brand identity and launch strategy that resonates with your vision and appeals to your customers.

New Market Entry

Expanding to new markets brings opportunities–and risk. We help you sort out both through our structured process for market identification and selection. 

We’ll conduct direct and indirect market research to answer the most critical unknowns and suggest entry strategies to increase your odds of success.

Long Sales Cycle

Long sales cycles are the bane of many tech and manufacturing companies, particularly those who sell complex offerings, across multiple buyers.

We thrive in designing the complex sale, clarifying the most important value propositions and reducing the decision clutter that can slow it down.

Declining or Stagnant Sales

Recent disruption? Big customer loss? Long, slow descent in your revenue? We can help you create a new Plan A for your business.

We’ll take a fresh look at the market value/fit of your offering, assess your current market and competitive distinctives, and recommend a path to growth within the constraints of your business.

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